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Brave Women!

Actually, after reading the article about some cases of sexual assault in my country and other nations where the brave women – the rape survivor are blamed for their trauma instead of receiving the support from their family, friends and the society. My heart feels sad, angry and depressed.

Crime is only crime. The victim is not the person who is responsible for the brutal actions, sexual harassment or sexual assault from criminals towards herself/himself. Additionally, she/he is certainly not the reason for the incoherent excuses for the dirty intention and cruel actions of these criminals that are stated by the criminals together with their supporters.

Only insane people want to be hurt and misery for themselves, and I don’t think there are so much insane people, who love the crazy things, in life. Well, perhaps except for some people, not majority.

I love the classical things; but I also love the short clothes– the non-classical at all. The short pants, short skirts, short T-shirt, short dress make us feel more confident, attractive and comfortable, especially in hot seasons as well as make us look more dynamic and fashionable; so why not we wear? Even though I consistent with the dress code, all human – both men and women, have the rights to do what they want, desire and choose to be themselves, not someone else in life, particularly in modern civilization at present after we have experienced too much to get it. Maybe, your dress attracts the attention, well or badly, that is the reason for the existence of the modern clothes and fashion. Your clothes, your generous behavior, your free heart are not your fault as well as the cause for the other sins towards you.

An action cannot become evil if the dirty mind for steamy dreams does not become offensive intention, and then actions.  Don’t accuse the others of your guilt, criminals!

NO MEANS NO. That’s all!

Throughout history, women are always the weaker ones than the men. Nevertheless, they would not contribute less than the advised-stronger men for the human development. Why do they are the persons blamed for their pains in most circumstances such as domestic violence; sexual physical verbal/emotional abuse; sexually harassment at work and at public; be raped, etc. while it is not their fault or their desire?

The pain is forever. Although the physical harm can be eventually recovered through time, the emotional and psychological trauma cannot disappear completely because it becomes the serious scars for the whole life. Moreover, the women victim may suffer the severe injury from the bad events, and unwanted consequences such as unintended pregnancy, misunderstanding as well as bias from the society for the trauma of her experience that resulting in psychological pressure and hurt, then self-destruction and suicide ending.

People usually take a long time, maybe never, to struggle to get over the pain along with the terrible obsession and feel safe again. That is a hard battle to self.

Is it completely wrong when the women speak out and protect the human rights? Why cannot the bold women stand up to defend the right female voices for themselves and the others in unfair conditions, immoral and illegal? Why is the modern society not different from the medieval times?

Rape 101. Definition: Sex without Consent is Rape!

I think, everyone know the right answer, however, we intend to ignore the basics.

Don’t do that if we comprehend what are the right choice and the right judgment. Do the right thing!

If you have ever heard the story of “Brave Miss World” a.k.a Israeli Beauty Queen, then Miss World 1998 Linor Abargil, you do admire what she have done to recover from his own trauma of sexual assault, to fight for justice and to break the silence not only for herself but also for thousands of women – rape victims, rape survivor throughout the world. She inspires them, and gives others the courage to break the silence, to speak out as well as to “increase awareness and create significant change in the perception of rape throughout the world”.

You can read Linor’s story and a lot of rape cases in there: Brave Miss World


In June 2016.



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