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[BL-Jmovie] Takumi-Kun (series)

Last night, when I was reading danmei, I wanted to see some Boyslove movies but searching is useless to find good movie which I’m interested.

This afternoon, I am seeing animes, trailers and a movie about BL. Fortunately, I found a great movie, truly series because that is independent movies but having continuous contents like as a drama 🙂 Wow, that is Takumi – kun series. I saw a Takumi – kun I movie (Takumi-Kun: Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite; そして春風にささやいて), meaning & soft content, great actors 🙂 I love Takumi, he is the cutest uke I’ve ever seen >< and Gii is a handsome seme :O

Oh, after downloading Takumi – kun 3, I found a mistake that I saw Takumi – kun 3 instead of Takumi – kun 1. Oh my God :O and the main actors aren’t only one ???

Actually, I prefer Hamao Kyousuke (Takumi 2, 3) to Yanagishita Tomo (Takumi 1) but both Kyousuke and Tomo performed well (cute ukes ><)

Takumi-Kun 1 (Eng Sub)

Alternative Title: Takumi-Kun: Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite; そして春風にささやいて
Director: Kazuhiro Yokoyama
Year of Release: 2008
Country: Japan
Duration: 75 min


* Yanagishita Tomo as Hayada Takumi
* Kato Keisuke as Saeki Giichi “Gii”
* Takiguchi Yukihiro as Akaike Shouzou
* Saitoh Yasuka as Takabayashi Izumi
* Makita Tetsuya as Nozaki Daisuke
* Aiba Hiroki as Inoue Sachi

Download Link:

Takumi-Kun 2 (Eng Sub)

Alternative Title: Takumi-kun: Niji iro no Garasu; Takumi-kun: Rainbow-colored Glass; 虹色の硝子
Director: Kenji Yokoi
Year of Release: 2009
Country: Japan
Duration: 74 min
Genre: Romance


Hamao Kyousuke as Hayada Takumi

Wantanabe Daisuke ~ ̣he performed in “Prince of tennis” as Saeki Giichi “Gii”

Download Link:

Takumi-Kun 3 (Eng Sub)

Alternative Title: Takumi-kun series: Bibou no Detail; Takumi-kun: Details of Beauty; タクミくんシリーズ 美貌のディテイル
Director: Kenji Yokoi
Year of Release: 2010
Country: Japan
Duration: 80 min
Genre: Romance


Hamao Kyousuke as Hayada Takumi

Wantanabe Daisuke as Saeki Giichi “Gii”

Download Link :

P/S : The first BL – movie I introduced in English because I commented on YOUTUBE in English, so I was lazy to rewrite 😉 And this movie, I wanted to write in Vietnamese but my Vietkey has some problems. My English is normal, and my literature is bad so I only write my feelings shortly and simplely. Maybe, from now on I will introduce BLmovie in E, that is interesting and simple 😀

You see and feel yourself 🙂



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7 thoughts on “[BL-Jmovie] Takumi-Kun (series)

  1. Please, can you split it in to many parts and then upload it on
    I can not download from, cause I’m a free member, it’s very very slow. Please, please, I beg you!!!!!!!! I really love this series of Takuma-kun.

  2. I’m going to split and upload them to but at least this weekend because of my study.

    Maybe, I will upload the Takumi – kun 4 which I watched last week; although it is not as good as the previous ones because Takumii and Gii are not the main characters ^^, the new couple is also cute ><

  3. Yeah sure sure! Take you time! Thanks a lot. If you can please upload the 4 too!! But on please! Thanks again! Love you!

    1. Tonight I tried to up them but it was failed twice 😦 I will try to up them again.

      Having the engsub for trailer of Takumi – kun 5, it’s worth waiting!

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