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[BL ~ Hongkong movie] Amphetamine ~ 安非他命 (2010)

I’ve just seen the movie “Amphetamine”. A sad love story.

Kafka is an angel from the hell. Because he is too pure so he is easily dirtied by past pains and lonely life. Love of Daniel and Kafka is fateful, complex and bitter – sweet. Wow, the movie is good, the scene is beautiful but it has many hot – scenes which I can’t see (I’m shy :O) and many details of the story are too abstract for me to understand clearly 😦

Thomas Price (as Daniel) is very handsome and Byron Pay (as Kafka) is very cute 🙂 Their performance is totally great.

Title: Amphetamine

(There is no way to quit a fateful love)

Director-screenwriter-producer: Scud
Executive director: Lawrence Lau
Director of photography: Charlie Lam
Production: Artwalker Limited.
Art director: Jack Chan
Music: Yu Yat Yiu & Ho Shan
Editor: Heiward Mak
Released date:28/4/2010
Runtime: 97 minutes
Language: Cantonese| English

Casting :

Byron Pang (Koon Kei/Kwun Ki) as Kafka

Thomas Price as Daniel



MV about behind the scenes :

Link (Engsub) :

Link download Vietsub (by onelove_bi and tunti):

More information :



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3 thoughts on “[BL ~ Hongkong movie] Amphetamine ~ 安非他命 (2010)

  1. oh, many hot scenes between Daniel and Kafka (easily bleed from nose), Kafka and his ex-girlfriend (before loving Daniel), Daniel and a woman (the woman cause Daniel to misunderstand Kafka, I hate her). These hot scenes are hard but not nasty.

    You see vietsub, you’ll clearly understand. I’m lazy to see it again because it’s too sad 😦

    Ad : Takumi kun series is great, hot- scenes are good and toilless 😉

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